Monday, 1 June 2015

Stop Motion Movie Making

I am very looking forward to,
learning how to make animation’s with Mrs D,
and learning how to make Imovies,
i have never made animation’s before, i’m also looking forward to working with an group of people that i haven't met before but i have met some people in the group.
I am pretty good with Technology i have used Imovie before but not on a computer, I have used Imovie only on computers. I like to take photo’s with a camera sometimes but I wouldn’t say i’m the best at taking photo’s cause really im not.

I’m looking forward to learn how to do Imovie’s on computers usually I use make Imovies on Ipads.
I’m really excited to do Imovie for the rest of the week with Mrs D except for Wednesday because we have swim it that day.

My favourite part of Imovie is probably adding music the video.

I am also looking forward to make a awesome movie with our group.

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