Thursday, 4 June 2015

Denali's Reflection.

Scratch is a computer sapp were you make games and stuff.

How to make moves.

Ella Reflections

What is Scratch?
Scratch is a program where you use animated figures to create movies games slide shows and anything else like that.
what are the main things you have learnt this week?
I have learn how to use it the basics of how to use it and how to create animated movies etc.
what have been the challenges?
when we did this changing background and changing sprites the was pretty changing
what projects am i working on now?
my why the frog hops movie
how have I enjoyed this week?

how? i have enjoyed every moment of scratch.

Angus's Reflection

Scratch is an easy progame  if you want to learn to make a  little Music video. Scratch is a simple activitey.

The mane things i’ve learnt this week is u can create just about anything using Scratch.

To try and make a project.Finishing in time.

A big music video.

Connor's Reflection

Well, Scratch is a family friendly website where you can let your imagination run wild. Scratch is for game, movies, slideshows, and much more.

The basics of creating a masterpiece, programing, copying, how fun scratch is. going through multiple backdrops.



  • Scratch is a fun site where you can play games,
  • create them and you can do other sorts of things like music videos.
  • I have learnt how to make slides change backgrounds and create music videos.
  • learning how to make backgrounds change automaticly for slides was the big challenge for me.
  • I am working on slides about nature and creatures getting lost at the moment.
  • Doing scratch is way cooler than writing and reading!!!:)

James Reflection

We were making scratch stuff
I learnt how to make a game and movie On scratch
My big challenge  was  making a movie
I'm making a game at the moment
I enjoyed scratch.

Aston's Reflection

What is Scratch?
  • Scratch is an awesome educational animated film/game/music video making program.
  • I have learnt how to switch backgrounds as well as switching sprites at the same time.
  • Making something that might go in the MADE Awards!
  • A Music Video
  • Not doing schoolwork, learning new things, creating games, music videos and using SCRATCH!!!

Oliver's Reflection

Scratch is a computer website where you can create movies, videos, games, documents, stories and loads of other stuff. Scratch based around computer coding and programming that lets control how ever many sprites or characters you want.

The things I have learned this week with Mr. Wadsworth revolve around making stuff like making my sprite dance and making a computer game as well as a whole lot of other stuff.

Mainly just all the complicated computer coding and waiting that days session to start!


Anna's Reflection

So, what is Scratch? It is a very complicated animation program. What are the main things you have learnt this week? All the basic things i needed to know about Scratch. What have the challenges been? To switch backgrounds and scenes and to hide and show sprites in scenes when they are in and which they are not. What project are you working on now? I have just finished my Chasing the Apples thirty second movie. Have you enjoyed this week? I have enjoyed it so much. I wish I had it twice a week. Every week.

My week learning Stop Motion

I had a great week with Mrs D working on stop motion movie making. I did a practise one with Anika.Then we got into a group of three.Courtney,Anika & me.Then we made a movie about dancing shoes. What we used was shoes, coloured paper, scissors, socks, a tripod and a camera.We had to move them and take a photo. Move it take a photo and kept doing it. It took us two days to make it. Our movie used 320 photos!!! Wow so many photos. We had to put the photos into imovie.
I would love to come back and make another Stop Motion Movie again.

By Brianna Brietler

My Week Learning Stop Motion

It was hard to come up with an idea, but then Brianna wanted to use socks and shoes. So I got my socks and shoes and Brianna got her shoes. We got a background with a few pieces of green paper for the grass and blue for the sky. We made a sun and then we got started. We took about 400 photos of the shoes and socks in different places. Then we told Miss Dunham that we were finished she said awesome. She told us to get a computer and then we put it all together in iMovie and it turned into a little video. We looked on a computer for a good song to go with it and I found a ‘tie your shoes’ song so we went with that. We put the song on the video and watched it . Then we made titles and credits and we were done. I love the movie and feel very proud.

Courtney Kidd

My Week Learning Stop Motion

It was so hard making our movie, but we did finish. It looks sooooo cool. Brianna Courtney and me were working together. We made a stop motion movie. Its title was The Shoe Show. We had to move it push it half way down on the camera and then push it all the way down. I am really glad that we made a shoe and socks show. I loved the part in our show how we did the shoe laces into the love heart and write our names in there and also write Te Puna School 2015 and a little smille face.I loved the sun how it was in the background it really stood out. We then put it on the computer into iMovie and add music to it and do the titles.Then when we watched it, it looked really cool and I felt really really good.

By Anika Pilcher

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

GATE Rationale

Gifted and talented practice in New Zealand aligns with the vision for young people identified in The New Zealand Curriculum

As the curriculum explains, New Zealand educators aim to develop young people:
  • who will be creative, energetic, and enterprising
  • who will seize the opportunities offered by new knowledge and technologies to secure a sustainable social, cultural, economic, and environmental future for our country
  • who will work to create an Aotearoa New Zealand in which Māori and Pākehā recognise each other as full Treaty partners, and in which all cultures are valued for the contributions they bring
  • who, in their school years, will continue to develop the values, knowledge, and competencies that will enable them to live full and satisfying lives
  • who will be confident, connected, actively involved, and lifelong learners
(Ministry of Education, 2007)

Monday, 1 June 2015

Stop motion movie making

I want to learn about I movie.  I think it will be so cool.

I hope I learn a lot about movie making. I don’t really do this so I think it will be very exciting and fun working with Mrs D and an awesome group

Stop-Motion Movie Making

I have not really used imovie that much so looking ford to that!          
Most important I am looking forward to  making an imovie!
Last time when I used imovie it was a disaster!

Stop Motion Movie Making

I am looking forward to be making my stop motion movie. I'm not sure what a stop motion movie is but I hope I will have a good time with Mrs D.I have used i movie before and i do know how to use a camera.

Stop Motion Movie Making

I am looking forward  to make a stop motion movie  making. I do not really know what a stop motion movie making  is I have never used a I movie before if I have I do not remember when I did. I am good at taking photos on a camera.

Stop motion movie making

I am very excited about working with Mrs D and a great group of people  on some movie making also i’m looking forward to learning about Animation and different things about movies.

I like to do the recording and be a camera person because I have experienced heaps with a camera so I will know heaps about it. I am alright with computers and i’ve done heaps of Imovies on them. I am looking forward to spending time on technology and working hard on movies I hope to send a movie to made awards.

Stop Motion Movie Making

I am excited about this week because I haven’t done something like this before. I recon it is going to be awesome. I have had a go once at imovie and it was fun. I have taken lots of photos before.

Stop Motion Movie Making

I am  excited about this  week because I think it is going to be fun with lots of movies because I have never done something like this.

Stop Motion Movie Making

I’m very excited to look forward to :

Knowing how to make an awesome Imovie with Mrs D.

Getting to learn what and how to do Animations.

Working with another group of people.

And having FUN!

Surprisingly I think I’m actually pretty good with using a camera and taking cool shots.

I’ve used Imovie before but it turned out not very good and I hope I can do a really cool one and I’m sure Mrs D will help me out and do that.

My favourite part of using Imovie is adding in the cool music and Transitions.


Stop Motion Movie Making

I am very looking forward to,
learning how to make animation’s with Mrs D,
and learning how to make Imovies,
i have never made animation’s before, i’m also looking forward to working with an group of people that i haven't met before but i have met some people in the group.
I am pretty good with Technology i have used Imovie before but not on a computer, I have used Imovie only on computers. I like to take photo’s with a camera sometimes but I wouldn’t say i’m the best at taking photo’s cause really im not.

I’m looking forward to learn how to do Imovie’s on computers usually I use make Imovies on Ipads.
I’m really excited to do Imovie for the rest of the week with Mrs D except for Wednesday because we have swim it that day.

My favourite part of Imovie is probably adding music the video.

I am also looking forward to make a awesome movie with our group.

scratch week

I am looking forward to scratch week.

I have never done scratch before.
i don't know anything about scratch because i had never heard of it before.

What do I already know about Scratch?

What do I already know about Scratch?
I do not know anything about Scratch.

What do I want out of these sessions?
To make my own personal animation.

Scratch week first day

What do i already know about Scratch?
Well i have heard of a scratch drive and i know my dad uses it but to be honest i have no clue about  what it even is.

What do I what out of these sessions?
All i want is to learn something new. learning what it is might be a good start.

G.A.T.E class

I do not know anything about scratch, so I am totaly new to all this stuf. I hope to learn alot about this computer program so I can replicate all that will learn at home and mabey evan teach my parents and mabey even my sister!


I  have know idea what scratch is
I would like to make a small animated movie 

My gate week.

What do I already know  about Scratch?
That it is all done on a computer.

What do I want out of these sessions?
I want to know how to get around a computer a little more.

Scratch/Gate week

What do I already know about Scratch?
I've never even heard of it, or done anything with it.
What do I want out of these sessions?
I want to make an awesome mini-movie and be a pro by the end of this great learning opportunity


I have no idea what scratch is.out of these sessions I would like to have learnt  enough to tell the class.

G.A.T.E Program

I did Gate program last year so, i know a bit about circumference 

To learn more about circumference and perimeter and Mind storm.

The Gate Week

What do I already know about Scratch? I don't know anything about it at the moment, but I am sure that I will get to learn something. What do I want out of these sessions? Everything I can learn about Scratch.

Scratch with the GATE Gurus

I am really looking forward to learning heaps about Scratch this week. I am a beginner myself so I'm sure we'll all be able to learn heaps from each other.