Thursday, 10 December 2015

Te Kaha 2k15 :)

Monday morning I woke up feeling excited to go on a adventure. I got out of bed and done my normal morning routine. I got all my bags and piled them on the couch. 8:40 ticked by I picked up my bags and walked out the door taking my last glance back at my house. Foot step after foot step I walked to school. I walked up the path leading to our classroom to see several people standing outside with their luggage. We stayed at school till 11:00. When 11:00 came we packed all our stuff into the cars and got into the cars. We drove out of Te Puna and hit the main road to get to Bethlehem. We drove past Bethlehem and started our loong car trip to Te Kaha. Its soo boring sitting in the car so I fell asleep. I slept for a hour and when I woke up we were in Ohope. Ohope was the first stop before we got to Te Kaha. We got out of the cars and ran to the playground and shop to have something to eat. By the time we finished having lunch and stuff we carried on our journey to Te Kaha. I kept getting headaches and it was to boring in the car so I fell asleep again to kill time. I woke up to beautiful sights including rivers,beaches and mountains all natrual nature. It wasn't long till we arrived at Te Kaha marae. We drove past shops and houses I saw cars outside a building, yay we finally here!. We finally arrived at our destination and we got out of the cars and waited to get called onto the marae. Parewai was basically our nanny cause she did the karanga for us. When the karanga was finished we walked into the wharenui and the first thing that caught my eye was the carvings. Uncle Junior welcomed us. Uncle Carlton spoke for us, and we sang Te Tau o Mataatua. When they finished all their korero's we got all our stuff out of the cars and took them into the wharenui. After that we got ready for a swim. We all climbed back into the cars and drove to a place called "Haparapara". The current was strong and it was cold so I didnt swim. The week was fun and filled with lots of adventures. My favourite part about the trip was going to Kereu river. It was so amazing to see the blue water streaming from the streams and the mountains crowding us. A week at Te Kaha was the best thing, I would go back to Te Kaha to discover more places. A week went by and I was tired as, and ready to go home. A long drive back to Te Puna but when I got home I raced inside and went straight to bed. Thanks for the mean camp!. 

Palee Porter :) 

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Denali's Reflection.

Scratch is a computer sapp were you make games and stuff.

How to make moves.

Ella Reflections

What is Scratch?
Scratch is a program where you use animated figures to create movies games slide shows and anything else like that.
what are the main things you have learnt this week?
I have learn how to use it the basics of how to use it and how to create animated movies etc.
what have been the challenges?
when we did this changing background and changing sprites the was pretty changing
what projects am i working on now?
my why the frog hops movie
how have I enjoyed this week?

how? i have enjoyed every moment of scratch.

Angus's Reflection

Scratch is an easy progame  if you want to learn to make a  little Music video. Scratch is a simple activitey.

The mane things i’ve learnt this week is u can create just about anything using Scratch.

To try and make a project.Finishing in time.

A big music video.

Connor's Reflection

Well, Scratch is a family friendly website where you can let your imagination run wild. Scratch is for game, movies, slideshows, and much more.

The basics of creating a masterpiece, programing, copying, how fun scratch is. going through multiple backdrops.



  • Scratch is a fun site where you can play games,
  • create them and you can do other sorts of things like music videos.
  • I have learnt how to make slides change backgrounds and create music videos.
  • learning how to make backgrounds change automaticly for slides was the big challenge for me.
  • I am working on slides about nature and creatures getting lost at the moment.
  • Doing scratch is way cooler than writing and reading!!!:)

James Reflection

We were making scratch stuff
I learnt how to make a game and movie On scratch
My big challenge  was  making a movie
I'm making a game at the moment
I enjoyed scratch.