Thursday, 4 June 2015

My Week Learning Stop Motion

It was so hard making our movie, but we did finish. It looks sooooo cool. Brianna Courtney and me were working together. We made a stop motion movie. Its title was The Shoe Show. We had to move it push it half way down on the camera and then push it all the way down. I am really glad that we made a shoe and socks show. I loved the part in our show how we did the shoe laces into the love heart and write our names in there and also write Te Puna School 2015 and a little smille face.I loved the sun how it was in the background it really stood out. We then put it on the computer into iMovie and add music to it and do the titles.Then when we watched it, it looked really cool and I felt really really good.

By Anika Pilcher

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